World Football Pro

World Football Pro

Score a goal with this winner!!

Game Details

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Game Type


Power Requirements

110V @ 5.00 AMPS
220V @ 3.00 AMPS


1188.00 lbs 540 kg

Master Dimensions

115.00 in X 68.00 in X 104.00 in 292.1 cm X 172.7 cm X 264.2 cm

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

Box 1: 70.00 in X 45.00 in X 99.00 in - 1188.00 lbs 177.8 cm X 114.3 cm X 251.5 cm - 540 kg

Available Options

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The most real feel soccer game on the market.

Players skillfully kick soccer balls off the turf trying to score on the moving goalie.

Who doesn’t love a bonus shot?

The last ten seconds of the game gives the player the opportunity to score a goal that can count anywhere between one and five goals to tally onto their final score for a chance to input their initials onto the High Score board.

The player controls the tempo of the game!

Each time a player wants a ball to be released they can press the button on the control panel to release a ball giving them the opportunity to play as fast or slow as they would like.

Game Features

  • Authentic turf kicking area that gives a stadium feel

  • Metal cages keep the ball in play and players safe

  • Country Flags add color and nostalgia to the game

  • Marquee is brightly lit and draws attention to the game in any size location