Incorporating arcade games into a VR setting

On a recent journey to Montreal, we got to learn about Mont VR. What was exciting about this business, which was established in 2016 as the premier VR arcades in Quebec, was learning how amusement games could complement VR in a location nicely. Their journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to redefine entertainment through immersive experiences that captivate and exhilarate. The onset of the pandemic posed unprecedented challenges, and like many entertainment businesses, they faced the threat of being shut down for good. Mont VR chose resilience and embarked on a plan to create massive entertainment centers where everyone can have fun.

Today, what once started as a simple VR arcade, has exploded into the best entertainment destination in Quebec, offering an unparalleled array of experiences. While they are still (by far) the leaders in VR adventures, they now also offer hundreds of modern and classic arcade games, as well as axe throwing, minigolf, delicious food and even refreshing drinks at our bar! They already have many staple ICE products throughout their game room, such as Air FX, Down the Clown, Whack N Win, we discussed in great detail both Tons of Tickets and World Football Pro.

Tons of Tickets provides Mont VR with a great ticket crane option. Without physically dispensing the ring and or bundle of tickets, this ticket crane option for Mont VR provides them with no labor or overhead. The self-reloading ticket crane was something they had been considering for some time and had an immediate impact upon arriving prior to their Spring break season. Mont VR is excited to have offerings that are interactive experiences throughout their location. World Football Pro had just that element. As the popularity of soccer continues to grow, World Football Pro has been an immediate hit at Mont VR. 

While at this location there’s something for everyone under, as they are constantly adding new and exciting things, as they did with their recent ICE purchases. With two mega locations in DIX30 and Trois-Rivieres and more in the works, they’re bringing a unique concept of entertainment to the province!

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