ICE Trade Show Plans for ‘24

To kick off the new year, ICE will be out and about! An array of products will be on display as ICE will be spanning the globe to start the beginning of the year. 

We start off in London at the Entertainment Attraction & Gaming International Expo in partnership with Sega Amusements. In early February, World Football Pro will proudly be on display in Anaheim, California at the annual California Entertainment Machine Association gathering. 

Come late February, we have three shows all taking place at the same time starting with IAAPI, which we will be in Mumbai, India. In addition, ICE will have representation at New Jersey Attraction Association event, along with the annual Family Entertainment Expo taking place in Italy. 

In March ICE’s plans include the Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Show in Dubai, along with the Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas, Nevada. Come May we look forward to the SEA Expo in Riyadh and, as we head into summer, ICE will be in Denver, Colorado at the yearly International Bowl Expo. 

“As the new year & trade show season begins, we’re excited to take this opportunity to show customers our games, along with visiting with them as well. We have a great upcoming schedule, while putting forth a strategic plan to launch a game or two to coincide with upcoming events” stated Daniel Coppola. Coppola added, “from a development perspective we are excited with what our R&D team has in the pipeline. That, along with the fact that our lead times are back to normal, and we can deliver within weeks, is a great way to head into ‘24!”

ICE bringing you the games more people play!

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