The Importance of Reinvesting into Your Location

The entertainment possibilities are endless in the Grand Strand area of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At Fun Warehouse they have Go Karts, Inflatables, Laser Tag, Roller Skating, VR & arcade games. To stay current on their arcade game room, Tim Marks is constantly reinvesting in his location. Tim recently refreshed his game room, and ICE games were a great portion of his reinvestment. Games like Air FX, the competitive table hockey games, along with the whacker classic, Whack A Clown, and our newly introduced and highly interactive soccer game, World Football Pro, were all part of Fun Warehouse’s recent additions. While we recognize locations across the globe have different metrics that they use when reinvesting into their location, we wanted to learn more from Tim as to how he picked these games and provide an insight to our customers.

What’s the top attraction in your location:

Our top attraction is Roller Skating since it is the main anchor attraction followed by Go Karts, the Arcade, Food & Beverages, Inflatables, & Laser tag. We are about to start our 15k sq ft addition and have 12 lanes of Regulation Bowling and Axe and Dart throwing. Hopefully those new attractions will be winners for us as well.

How many arcade games do you have: 50-60?

We have around 60 pieces including our VR. 

How often do you reinvest: 

We try to buy a game or 2 each season. We have improved our room a lot more than normal over the last 2 years though. We also move our games around the room quarterly to make it look fresh.

When making a new game(s) purchase what are you looking for: 

Mainly to maintain a good mix of redemption, non-redemption and novelty games. We tend to lean toward the manufacturers that we know offer exceptional support and when the build construction and assembly of these games are well done, that is who we tend to go back to. Hint “ICE!” We are big fans of carnival and sports games. Our water gun shooter Dinosaur Era is an exceptional piece for us. Anxious to see how World Football Pro does.

Recent purchases: 

Air FX, Whack A Clown, World Football Pro, plus other games as well from other manufactures.

Fun Warehouse is a top-notch Family Entertainment Center. Tim Marks is constantly looking to evolve his business and reinvest into it as well. We appreciate Tim’s willingness to share his insight with us, as we’re excited to see what the future holds for Fun Warehouse. 

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