World Football Pro - How Is It Made

Have you ever wondered what goes into making the coolest games on earth? Check out our video showing the countless people and departments that are involved with making our World Football Pro.

In this new soccer game created by ICE, players skillfully kick freestanding soccer balls off the turf, trying to score on the moving goalie. This highly interactive game gives players the feeling that they are in control, as there are no variables to stop the ball from going in the net other than the moving goalie. Due to the competitive nature of the game, it can be programmed to be played for fun or in redemption mode.

ICE continues to build on its product line and remains committed to becoming the most diversified “one – stop shop” in the coin operated amusement business. We continually strive to expand our innovative product range through both in-house developments, as well as strategic licensing deals with other outside designers and development companies. We recognize that customers worldwide have choices in amusement games and attractions, and we thank you for your continued support of our company and our product line. We hope you enjoy this video.

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