NBA Hoops Matrix

NBA Hoops Matrix

This mid-size arcade basketball game is the talk of the streets.

Game Details

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NBA Hoops

Game Type

Redemption, Ball Toss, Sports

Power Requirements

110V @ 3.00 AMPS
220V @ 2.00 AMPS


553.00 lbs 251.4 kg

Master Dimensions

120.00 in X 35.50 in X 118.00 in 304.8 cm X 90.2 cm X 299.7 cm

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

Cabinet (2 pcs stacked): 101.00 in X 37.00 in X 61.00 in - 603.00 lbs 256.5 cm X 94 cm X 154.9 cm - 274.1 kg
Cage (loose box): 92.00 in X 4.00 in X 54.00 in - 93.00 lbs 233.7 cm X 10.2 cm X 137.2 cm - 42.3 kg
Top Cage (loose box): 87.00 in X 10.00 in X 37.00 in - 51.00 lbs 221 cm X 25.4 cm X 94 cm - 23.2 kg

Available Options

Deluxe Mega Marquee for 3 units

The new basketball game in town.

NBA Hoops features upgrades to the iconic arcade basketball experience with new technology and a brand new cabinet.

The competition is heating up!

Arcade basketball is back and better than ever! Take on your friends in a basketball shootout with NBA Hoops.

Multiple player options

Deluxe marquee options are also available. Link multiple NBA Hoops units together for awesome multiplayer competitions!

Game Features

  • LED lighting effects

  • Basketball court-themed ramp and real basketballs

  • New sound package gives the true feeling of court play

  • Adjustable heights to fit 9'6", 9' 4.5" and 9' 2.5"

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