Operator Spotlight: Joey The Cat

From Alley Roller enthusiast, to becoming a loyal ICE supporter, Joey Mucha is one of kind! Known as Joey the Cat, Mucha has been ranked #1 in the World for his Alley Roller prowess. Joey is energetic and passionate about the coin operated arcade industry. Not only is he a gamer, he’s expanded his love for the industry into a successful job. Today Joey not only plays the games that he loves, but he is also a full-service arcade operator.

Whether it is conceptual development and design, or set up and maintenance, Joey has found quite a niche in serving his customers. Joey has partnered with locations—he’s rented games, and he has built his own arcades. He keeps a solid footprint in the bay area of San Francisco, CA, but he’s always looking to expand his horizons. In recent times, we have worked with Joey with regards to customizing an array of games for him. Not long ago we heard from Joey: “I just set up my second Air FX unit today and I’m so impressed by the quality and ease of maintenance on these Air FX. I’ve had nothing but compliments on the design of my custom units. The logo on the ice and vinyl wrap really tie the game together.”

“We have had the opportunity to collaborate on a few separate occasions,” said Dan Coppola, Vice President of ICE. “What is special and unique about Joey is his vision, he recognizes and appreciates not only the quality and craftsmanship of an ICE game, but the ability of our custom capabilities in allowing him to have his products from us stand out from the crowd.”

More recently Joey came to ICE with a unique project for a location in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Joey had this to say “Customizing my games with ICE was an absolute breeze. Brian was extraordinary to work with, and the finished product exceeded everyone‘s expectations. Our project wasn’t the typical adding of a logo, we wrapped games with a classy wood grain to elevate the aesthetic of the games for an upscale arcade bar in Los Angeles, CA. I can’t wait for everyone to see them. “

The process to customize an ICE game is not difficult at all, Coppola reassured. “Our graphics team loves the challenge and opportunity to work with locations and operators alike. It’s always rewarding to hear or see success stories of our games in the field. Since the mid 90’s we have been firm believers that, in certain coin op applications, our customization on the games can take your location to the next level. Joey Mucha is a great ambassador of not only our industry, but the ICE customization ability.”


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