ICE Customizes Basketball For Monster Energy

ICE recently customized their basketball with the Monster Energy logo. Monster Energy was created in 2002 and more recently has been involved with extreme sports events, as well as a strong presence in the music industry. The customization of the basketball games will be used at Monster Energy sponsorship events promoting their brand. The iconic logo is composed of a vibrant green “M”, composed of three lines on a field of black. The “M” is stylized in such a way as to imply that it is formed by the claws of a monster ripping through the can.

ICE has the ability to customize a plethora of their offerings, so customers can brand their game with their logo. Whether it be Air FX, any of the basketball models, ICEBall, or Super Chexx, the possibilities are endless. The branding, along with the highest quality-built games, is what continues to be the difference maker. With ICE’s capabilities this gives the customer the ability to take their game to the next level and make it theirs! 

“From creative artwork, concept to implementation, we try to make this process easy for our customers. The ability to brand gives the customer another way to differentiate their game, making it their own. Branding is as important as it was when we first got into it. Customers love the ability to put their logo on an ICE game!” said Daniel Coppola from ICE. Coppola added, “We welcome the opportunity to brand our games with your artwork.”

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