Double Dribble

Shoot your shot with ICE's new interactive arcade basketball game.

Perfect for Players of all ages!

Players step up and shoot into the net, the more baskets you make the more points you score. The reduced height is less intimidating and allows younger players to compete against mom/dad or anyone they choose. The small (6 inch) basketball is perfect for players of all ages.

Double the Players, Double the Earnings!

Double dribble can be played in single player or 2 player mode (where the 2 players are playing their own individual games) or competitive mode (where both players coin in and compete against each other).  As players step up and shoot into the net, watch your earning double with this fun sports game for all ages.


We understand how frustrating it can be when two participants are tied in a competition, and that’s why Double dribble features a tie-breaking bonus round. Score a basket in the first 30 seconds of the game and it will count as 2 points. Baskets in the last 15 seconds count as 3 points. If two players are tied after the first 45 seconds of play, there will be a 15 second bonus round to declare a winner.


Double Dribble

Double Dribble


  1. Brightly lit LEDs attract players to the game and the side panels allow viewing from all angles.
  2. Two Coin-in Stations
  3. Players can play single Mode, 2 Player mode or competitive mode.
  4. 15 second bonus round if players are tied after the first 45 seconds of play.


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IMG_0281 IMG_0281

ICE looks forward to showcasing their two new games Double Dribble and Quarterback Pro at this year’s ASI Vegas Expo.

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