ICE looks forward to showcasing their two new games Double Dribble and Quarterback Pro at this year's ASI Vegas Expo.

Double Dribble is a 2 player kids basketball game. The game can be played in single player mode or competitive mode. If a game is tied after 45 seconds of gameplay in competitive mode, there will be a 15 second bonus round. It’s always important to note the game is fit for two swipe card stations.  

Quarterback Pro is ICE’s new football game. The game can be utilized as a single game or two units with a mega marquee. Footballs will dispense from the built-in conveyer belt and players will skillfully throw footballs at 6 pop out targets trying to correctly time and complete passes to score touchdowns. There are three different game modes built into game play.  Once a player tallies up a hundred yards, they are awarded a touchdown. At the end of the game each player will receive a quarterback rating based on their accuracy, yardage, and touchdowns thrown. If a player happens to end up with a top 5 score their initials will be displayed on the game’s leaderboard.  

ICE is pleased to report both Double Dribble & Quarterback Pro are in production. With a nice backorder on each game, ICE reports that it’s looking to ramp up production immediately, as they have planned accordingly for each of these game launches. The company’s goal is to fulfill new orders quickly and in a timely manner. This will provide customers the reassurance that they can add these newest offerings, so the games will be on location for patrons to enjoy this Spring and Summer season. 

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