ICE Celebrates 30 years of Exhibiting at DEAL Dubai

Last week ICE participated in their 30th DEAL Expo in Dubai. Gene Brogowski, International Sales Director at ICE, was presented an award from Mr. Abdulrahman Falaknaz, the president of International Expo-Consults for ICE’s long-term commitment to the show and customers of the region.

For a long time now, ICE has worked with customers directly in the Middle East as well as with their extremely diligent distributor Warehouse of Games (WOG). WOG has certainly played a pivotal role in educating operators about the importance of American made product as well as ICE’s commitment to quality and after sales parts and service. Brogowski had this to say about his years in this market and how it has evolved since he first exhibited at this show in 1994, “The size and scope of the overall Gulf and MENA market has massively developed into some of the very best, top class FEC’s and amusement centers in the world today.  So many locations throughout the region have that “dazzle factor” and are true examples of, “if you build it, they will come!” 

The amusement sector is no longer confined to only the mega-malls in major cities but has grown and evolved over the past 30 years to all malls and shopping centers of many cities and suburb throughout the GCC. Also, since the inception of the TPFC / DEAL show in 1994, the large FEC chains have developed their own individual direction and their own “famous brands” now even known even outside the region.  TPFC started as mini show in a rather unknown desert city, and developed into the DEAL mega event in the world admired UAE metropolis!  What an amazing experience to be a part of. Thank you to the UAE and the International Expo-Consults for your vision. Who would have known back in the mid 90’s that DEAL would be one of the major international trade shows of our amazing industry today.”

Ryan Coppola, who has been learning the Middle East market alongside Brogowski, mentioned,” ICE is extremely fortunate for the relationships and knowledge that Gene brings to this market. Working alongside Gene at this expo is an unbelievable experience. It’s very evident he has put blood, sweat, and tears into this market for 30 years and it shows in his relationships not only with Warehouse of Games, but operators from all over the MENA territory as well.” Brogowski has no plans of slowing down as he continues to promote ICE’s highest quality and top earning amusement games and attractions into this region.  Gene has over the years educated many of the customers in the region on the strength of redemption product and how to best maximize their profits, while also offering their customers the best entertainment experience, truly selling and promoting family entertainment.   

This year, ICE introduced their new kid’s basketball game, Double Dribble, at the DEAL show.  Double Dribble is a two player kids basketball game. The game features very open and welcoming smaller cabinet with bright LED lights sure to attract kids of all ages. Each game is 30 seconds long and if two players are tied there will be an additional 15 second bonus round. The game also features two-coin doors or swipe stations which should lead to heightened earnings for the operator. Coppola added, “Double Dribble is a great piece for young kids looking to compete with each other or even for a parent to be able to play with their son or daughter. We are always driven to create games that will create lasting memories for the kids and families that play them, and this new game checks those boxes.”  

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