Tons of Tickets

Tons of Tickets

This is not your average crane - it’s a non-stop, reloading, money-making machine!

Game Details

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Tons of Tickets

Game Type

Redemption, Cranes

Power Requirements

110V @ 4.00 AMPS
220V @ 2.00 AMPS


250.00 lbs 113.6 kg

Master Dimensions

30.00 in X 30.50 in X 72.00 in 76.2 cm X 77.5 cm X 182.9 cm

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

32.00 in X 32.00 in X 99.00 in - 385.00 lbs 81.3 cm X 81.3 cm X 251.5 cm - 175 kg

Available Options

Optional Single Marquee - adds 22in

Watch It In Action

Self Reloading

The most operator friendly ticket crane on the market today. Rings are then automatically distributed back onto the playfield! That’s right, the Tons of Ticket rings never leave the crane meaning there is NO RELOADING!

Exciting Animations

LCD display adds to the excitement showing animation of the player and their accumulated ticket winnings.  It’s tons of non-stop fun for all ages!

ICE Crane Tough

Made in the USA, Tons of Ticket’s steel cabinet is built to last. With over three decades of proven crane manufacturing, Tons of Tickets is ICE tough.

Game Features

  • LCD screen with video animations

  • LED lit marquee with ticket roll tower

  • Self reloading and RFID reading for non stop fun

Patent Pending