Inflatable & Bounce House A Great Venue For Games

Do you know what compliments inflatables nicely?  

 Arcade Games     

Our story comes from Calgary. But first, a brief history of inflatables. Inflatables are temporary structures that are for recreational purposes, particularly for children. The growth in popularity has grown in the family entertainment center sector as it goes well with coin operated games as a form of an attraction.  When we visited Big Fun Inflatable Park last spring, they certainly had something special on their hands. The location at the time had 30,000sf of Inflatable Attractions and an incredible restaurant with tons of eats and treats. During our time there, we spoke to Derek Fuller about how arcade games go well with inflatables and how each complement each other in a business like his. Shortly after our visit, Big Fun Inflatable Park added games to their facility.

Today, Big Fun Inflatable Park consists of over 30+ arcade machines which comprise over 60 player stations and over 20+ different styles of inflatables. Their inflatable attractions include Gone Fish’N™ Inflatable, Kraken™ Inflatable, Jacob’s Ladder Inflatable, Wrecking Ball II Inflatable, Fire Rescue Obstacle Course™ Inflatable to name a few. Meanwhile their impressive ICE lineup includes Hoops FX, ICEBall Monopoly, NHL Air FX – Calgary Flames, Tons of Tickets, Whack A Clown & Whack N Win.

Dan Coppola, Vice President, had this to say, “The transformation that Big Fun has done is truly incredible. In such a short period of time to see the impact of the game room on the overall location is awesome. Games and inflatables balance off each other nicely and have great synergy. One of the cool things at Big Fun was that numerous inflatables had slides that put the patrons right in the middle of the game room. It is truly special to see when a location adds games and to see it have an immediate effect on the bottom line.”

They are located just north of Calgary, Canada, known today as one of North America’s Largest Indoor Inflatable Park and Arcade. 



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