Down the Clown

Down the Clown

The all-time carnival classic reinvented as an exciting ticket redemption game!

Game Details

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Game Type

Redemption, Ball Toss, Sports

Power Requirements

110V @ 2.50 AMPS
220V @ 2.50 AMPS


557.00 lbs 253.2 kg

Master Dimensions

120.00 in X 45.00 in X 110.00 in 304.8 cm X 114.3 cm X 279.4 cm

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

Main: 96.00 in X 48.00 in X 70.00 in - 620.00 lbs 243.8 cm X 121.9 cm X 177.8 cm - 281.8 kg
Rear: 30.00 in X 48.00 in X 90.00 in - 324.00 lbs 76.2 cm X 121.9 cm X 228.6 cm - 147.3 kg

Available Options

Deluxe Marquee for 2 units


Knock em’ dead!

Test your arm by tossing balls at different-sized clown targets for points. The more clowns you down, the more tickets you win!

Multiple play modes.

Down the Clown Arcade allows for single or dual-play. Players can compete individually for a top score, or you can utilize a second unit to encourage competition!

Family fun arcade game.

This interactive ball toss game is fun for the entire family. Add Down the Clown to your game room, your arcade, or your family entertainment center and see why it’s a must-have!

Game Features

  • Two-player mode: play side by side or compete against one another

  • LED lighting and carnival-style striped canopy

  • Digital sounds imitating a real carnival

  • Deluxe bonus marquee available