Ralph Coppola, founder of Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, Inc. (ICE) , was recently inducted into AAMA’s Inaugural Amusement Industry Hall of Fame. The American Amusement Machine Association Amusement (AAMA) Industry Hall of Fame inducted its inaugural class on March 29th at Amusement Expo. There were 31 individuals given the honor, including Ralph Coppola, as part of the Legacy awards. Accepting on behalf of Ralph were his sons, Joe and Dan, who are both with the company. 

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, Inc. is synonymous with offering the highest quality and crafted machines in the arcade game industry. Where ICE is today, is in large part credited to Ralph Coppola. Ralph started ICE in 1982 with his original partner, Jack Willert, and the company’s first ever game on the market was Chexx (Bubble Hockey), which amazingly is still being sold globally today.

At the time of his passing, Ralph was credited with being personally involved in bringing over 150+ arcade games to market during his 36 years at the helm of the company. Ralph would be the first to admit that it was a full team effort, and ICE had many valued relationships along the way that played a vital role in, not only the development and creation of the games ICE made, but incredible sales and vendor partners as well. Ralph was known for his many loyal relationships, his keen eye for new game development, as well as his business acumen, which laid the groundwork and foundation for ICE today and for the future to come.


Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, Inc. (ICE) has been manufacturer of coin operated amusement sports and skill redemption games since 1982. Today, ICE carriers one of the largest, most prolific product ranges in the coin operated industry. We sell our products into over 65 different countries around the globe.

Our commitment to product quality and reliability, as well as after sales parts and service, is unparalleled. The management team at ICE consists of several individuals deeply committed to producing, selling, and servicing the highest quality products in the coin operated industry. The sales team brings a combined experience of over 100 years in this business.

The sales experiences, along with ICE’s total commitment to the technical service and spare parts aspect of the business, makes ICE one of the world leaders in amusement games.