ICE’s latest video redemption game, Monopoly Roll-n-Go is now being shipped, the company reports this week from its New York factory.

The game, developed by ICE and Raw Thrills, will add to the extensive ICE portfolio of high-earning carnival-type amusement games.

It has a Monopoly board game theme and a bonus when players hit tow of the same family properties and the free parking space to increase values. Another hit earns a 10-times multiplier. With every spin the ‘Go’ Bonus increases until the player lands in that space. There is a new additional double down button that permits player to double his play value to win double tickets.

Said Joe Coppola, president of ICE: “We have not seen a video redemption game with this type of presence and earnings since Deal or No Deal. Before this pandemic hit the industry, this game was producing very high revenues in tests.”

The cabinet has two 55-inch screens and it is possible for operators to add a mega marquee to link multiple Monopoly units. Said Coppola: “We know the challenges faced by our industry in getting back to reopening. This game will attract the whole family and add extra ROI to revenues.”


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