ICE Rocks the Barn

Since its inception, the Home Games by ICE line continues to grow in popularity and demand. The vision began with our Super Chexx, and quickly morphed into a collection that offers a vast array of our existing coin operated games built for home use. Through the years Bill and Jeanie have kept a watchful eye on our lineup, and they have incorporated ICE’s Home Games into their special family gathering space. Initially starting with our Super Chexx Bubble Hockey machine, they have added Stern’s Star Wars Mandalorian Pinball, Air FX & NBA GameTime Pro to their collection. We recently had the privilege to see the barn in action. While there, we took some time to learn more about what made Bill & Jeanie repeat customers.  

ICE: why did you initially invest in your game room and why did you reinvest?  

Bill: Our goal was to create an environment for family and friends to gather and enjoy quality time together.  We started with Bubble Hockey, and it was such a hit with everyone that we kept adding more games each year to create more variety and fun, given our large family. We always made a big deal with the kids about the arrival of each new game.  They were always “over the top” excited. 

ICE: what games are you seeing your grandkids play?  

Bill:  Our grandkids play all the games for hours on end.  They play games with each other as well as multi-generations playing together. Our grandkids range in age from 3-12 and they all love to play the games in our barn.    

ICE: what games do you enjoy playing? 

Bill:  We have Bubble Hockey, Air Hockey, NBA Pro Basketball and Star Wars Pinball.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, since whenever we get together all of the games are being used. It’s fun to also watch the kids try and achieve personal bests on games like basketball and Pinball.  Yesterday, I played my 5-year-old grandson, Will, in Bubble Hockey for 2 hours straight.  He was thrilled to beat his grandfather and win the Stanley Cup. 

ICE: was this a worthwhile investment? 

Bill: This was an amazing investment for our family.  These games have brought so much fun and quality time together since they create great interaction and excitement for everyone involved! Our family is never bored when they come to our house. 

ICE: anything to add? 

Bill: Yes.  We want to add the ICEBall Pro game to our collection.  I will call you on this!  

Whether it’s at home or in the arcade, we are firm believers at ICE that families that play together, stay together. This is so evident at Bill & Jeanie’s barn. We are grateful for Bill & Jeanie’s continued support and for them welcoming us into the barn! It has been not only exciting but rewarding and an honor to work with them. To see their entire family enjoying playing our games and knowing it’s creating fun and lasting memories is something that never gets old for us!