ICE releases carnival classic Shipwreck

A carnival classic is now been released by US-based manufacturer ICE that is ideal for FEC locations. The multi-player Shipwreck follows the popular traditional ball rolling fun in the chase for tickets.

It has all the overtures of games that have created immense fun for families over the years the company report. Yet it has plenty of ‘bells and whistles’ to inject the glamour and excitement that only modern technology can provide. The game asks contestants to try to sink the ship by directing four balls in a row in four attempts to hit the big ticket jackpot. The fewer balls it takes to get the four-in-a-row the more tickets are won, which builds excitement.

Game features include:

High quality stools will come with each unit to allow for a comfortable playing experience on both the one player unit and 3 player unit.
Balls will dispense at the front of the game for players to easily access them from their stool.
Detailed wood cut outs provide a sleek cabinet design to incorporate the theme of the game.
Cheat sensors are placed at the top of each player station and will sound off anytime a player crosses the boundary.
This game will impact any arcade, FEC or games room by providing fun-filled entertainment for every age group and gender. The skill based game will fit neatly with our existing carnival-style games such as Milk Jug Toss, Down the Clown, Bean Bag Toss and Snowball Toss.

Be sure to contact your authorized ICE distributor for more information or contact ICE to learn more about Shipwreck.