Buffalo, NY

from Buffalo Rising article

“Over the course of the company’s history, there have been plenty of product launches, mostly aimed at arcade-style venues. But these days, ICE has begun to include a diversified production element that has seen huge successes due in part to the pandemic. The introduction of home games that are as authentic, fun, and exciting as the original arcade games, has provided an entirely new market for ICE. 

The objective of this new program, according to Greg Kania and Josh Krouse, was to create a series of professional games that would look and feel like the arcade versions, but would be suited for the home. That meant that the games needed to be able to fit through the customer’s front door, for example. They also needed to come down in price, while being easy to assemble.

The best part of these ICE games? They’re made right here in Buffalo. Maybe you knew that Chexx hockey was invented here, and is still manufactured and sold here… but chances are that you were not aware that so many different types of games are being produced and sold all over the world. It’s a huge Buffalo success story that keeps getting more and more exciting year after year.

And now arcade fans don’t have to visit a Dave & Busters or Chuck E Cheese, or a local bowling alley, a SEGA Family Entertainment Center in the UK, or a even a mega arcade in Saudi Arabia to “get their game on,” because ICE is now conveniently available for home installation wherever one roams.

Fortunately for Buffalonians, we don’t have to roam too far from home to find this epic game manufacturer, which ships the games right to our front doors. Talk about an extraordinarily chill convenience. “

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