2 Minute Drill

2 Minute Drill

Test your football throwing skills on this interactive playfield!

Game Details

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Game Type

Redemption, Ball Toss, Sports

Power Requirements

110V @ 4.00 AMPS
220V @ 5.00 AMPS


907.00 lbs 412.3 kg

Master Dimensions

120.00 in X 36.00 in X 106.00 in 304.8 cm X 91.4 cm X 269.2 cm

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

Main: 88.00 in X 41.00 in X 70.00 in - 521.00 lbs 223.5 cm X 104.1 cm X 177.8 cm - 236.8 kg
Upper: 37.00 in X 43.00 in X 85.00 in - 384.00 lbs 94 cm X 109.2 cm X 215.9 cm - 174.5 kg
Front: 38.00 in X 41.00 in X 67.00 in - 230.00 lbs 96.5 cm X 104.1 cm X 170.2 cm - 104.5 kg

Available Options

Deluxe Marquee for 2 units

The only football toss on the market.

This football arcade game is one of the most unique games on the market. With an eye-catching display, LED lighting and a lifelike interactive playfield, it’s the perfect competitive game for your arcade or game room!

Can you handle the pressure?

Test your quarterback skills as you throw the football at four interactive pop-out targets and three different scoring holes. To win the 2 Minute Drill, throw enough yards to achieve the Hall of Fame status!

Compete with other players!

If you don’t want to throw solo, take on your friends! The 2 Minute Drill allows you to connect two units together with a deluxe marquee to drive up higher earnings.

Game Features

  • LED numerical displays to show yardage, timer and score

  • Pop-out targets and scoring holes

  • Uses real footballs

  • Team customization options available