Harlem Globetrotter Hoops

Harlem Globetrotter Hoops

Bring Americas Team to Your Favorite Location.

Game Details

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Game Type


Power Requirements

110V @ 3.00 AMPS
220V @ 2.00 AMPS


584.00 lbs 265.5 kg

Master Dimensions

99.00 in X 39.00 in X 105.00 in 251.5 cm X 99.1 cm X 266.7 cm

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

Shipping: 96.00 in X 49.00 in X 78.00 in - 584.00 lbs 243.8 cm X 124.5 cm X 198.1 cm - 265.5 kg

Available Options

Deluxe Marquee for 2 Units; Harlem Globetrotter Licensed Graphics ticket dispenser, Dollar Bill Validator

Globetrotter Basketballs

Use official Globetrotter colorway basketballs to score buckets on the moving net. 

Globetrotters Branding

Bring the iconic Harlem Globetrotters logo to your next location.

Classic Hoops

A spin off the classic NBA Hoops game, Harlem Globetrotters Hoops was redesigned by ICE right here in Buffalo, New York, for the ultimate game play.

Game Features

  • Custom cabinet and backboard with the latest Harlem Globetrotter team logos

  • Officially licensed Harlem Globetrotter graphics on the backboard and podium

  • LED-Lit moving hoop

  • Removable top cage to accommodate 8’ ceilings


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