Tomy Waterfuls

Tomy Waterfuls

Bring the classic 80's game the arcade! Patent-pending technology combines a virtual field of play with real-world objects to give the player an unprecedent three-dimensional gaming experience.


Game Type

Redemption, Play Value, Video Redemption

Power Requirements

110V @ 7.00 AMPS
220V @ 3.50 AMPS



Master Dimensions

52.00 in X 65.00 in X 93.00 in 132.1 cm X 165.1 cm X 236.2 cm

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

Waterfuls: 60.00 in X 48.00 in X 96.00 in - 730.00 lbs 152.4 cm X 121.9 cm X 243.8 cm - 331.8 kg

Available Options

Play for Fun (No Tickets)

Pump to Play!

Players skillfully pump trying to get the rings to land on the pegs. Based on how hard players pump the rings will move at a diffrent rate.


Using never before seen technology to integrate the rings with physical pegs! Creates a one of a kind experience for the player!

Bring a Life Size Version to Your Arcade

Transformed from the original handheld game, Waterfuls is now lifesize for all to play! With a highly recognizable gameplay, it is a hit for the entire family!

Game Features

  • Patent Pending technology which creates a unique 3D experience for players

  • LED Lit Spinning marquee that brings the game to life.

  • Pump action buttons which allow players to use their skill to place rings on the backlit pegs

  • Backlit physical pegs interact with the video to create a one of a kind play


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