Angry Birds Arcade

Angry Birds Arcade

Your favorite app is now a redemption game!


Game Type

Redemption, Play Value, Video Redemption

Power Requirements

110V @ 6 AMPS
220V @ 3 AMPS


713 lbs 324.1 kg

Master Dimensions

112 in X 38 in X 96 in 284.5 cm X 96.5 cm X 243.8 cm

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

75 in X 45 in X 94 in - 912 lbs 190.5 cm X 114.3 cm X 238.8 cm - 414.5 kg

Available Options


One of the most popular app games of all time.

With over 2 billion downloads, it was only a matter of time before Angry Birds took redemption centers by storm. Using a mechanical sling shot and touchscreen monitor, ICE took the classic Angry Birds app and converted it to an arcade favorite.

From mobile to redemption.

To play Angry Birds Arcade, players must launch the mechanical sling shot at the 55” touch screen monitor to destroy all the bad pigs. If you knock four pig shelters down with one ball, you win a jackpot!

A hit for all ages.

Whether you’re adding this to your home game room or entertainment center, this top-earning redemption game is an arcade favorite. And with over 200 levels, Angry Birds Arcade will keep players coming back for more.


Game Features

  1. 55” interactive monitor

  2. Sophisticated electromechanical launch mechanism

  3. Play from over 350 screens

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