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  • Game Type play value, redemption, merchandisers
  • Assembled Dimensions32" x 50" x 108"
  • Power Requirements110V @ 5 amps
    220V @ 2.5 amps
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight53" X 45" X 89"
  • Available Options

See it in action!

Launch 360° view

One of the best app games ever!

Look out! One of the Apple Store's best-selling games is now an arcade redemption game.

ICE and Raw Thrills have transformed this globally popular app into an amazing video redemption game that has kids and adults playing nonstop.

Steer Doodler to the Bonus

This officially licensed game features a 42” high def. monitor, stunning vacuum-formed marquee, and flashing multi color LED lights in a sleek eye-catching cabinet.

A sleek look is great and all, but this carnival style redemption game keeps players on their toes, in hopes of getting the super bonus.

Available as Gift Card Out

Continuously one of the highest ranked apps in the iTunes store since its release, Doodle Jump Arcade is a great option for any venue.

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