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  • Game Type redemption, ball toss, sports
  • Assembled Dimensions120" x 36" x 106"
  • Power Requirements110V @ 4 amps
    220V @ 5 amps
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight main: 88" x 41" x 70" 521lbs.
    upper: 37" x 43" x 85" 384lbs.
    front: 38" x 41" x 67" 230lbs.
  • Available Options

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Are you up to the challenge?

2 minute drill is one of the most unique, and fully interactive sports arcade games available on today's market.

An eye-catching display, and overall colorful attributes really encourage people to play such an intriguing redemption game.

Only life like football toss in the market

Are you ready for some football?

2 Minute Drill features a 100% interactive playfield with FOUR random "pop" out targets!

Your skills are put to the ultimate test as you play towards your ticket winnings!

Interactive pop out targets

Are you up for the challenge?

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