Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ice) has been a manufacturer of the best amusement and arcade games since 1982. We are an innovator of coin operated amusement games, consistently manufacturing the highest quality redemption games, and have become an industry leading producer of sports games for the home, arcade and office. Today, ice carries one of the largest, most prolific product ranges in the coin operated industry. We sell our products into over 70 different countries around the globe. Our commitment to product quality and reliability as well as after sales parts and service is unparalleled.

The management team at ice consists of several individuals deeply committed to producing, selling and servicing the highest quality amusement products in the coin operated industry. The sales team brings a combined experience of over 75 years in this business. This sales experience along with ice's total commitment to the technical service and spare parts aspect of the business make ice one of the world leaders in amusement games.


  • Ralph Coppola and Jack Willert founded ice in 1982
  • Early success in sports-oriented games, such as legendary Chexx game  


  • ice diversifies products, introduces redemption games—Hungry Hungry Hippo
  • Begins selling to Family Entertainment Centers (FECs)
  • New access to children and families
  • ice introduces Cyclone, the most successful redemption game of all time in 1995. Cyclone has since sold over 5,500 units and 2,000 derivative
  • ice enters the alley roller market with iceBall, distributed to FECs in 1997 and since then have redesigned it to iceBall FX
  • ice broadens product line by introducing skill cranes
  • Skill cranes, Plush Bus and Pinnacle continue to appear in diverse locations such as grocery stores, FECs, restaurants, and mass merchandisers
  • Now the Largest manufacturer of cranes in the US
  • ice begins distributing products manufactured by other firms, such as SAM Billares


  • ice: Growing Like an Oak of all ages with the broadest line in the industry
  • ice releases its first pushers for the NA market, including FECs
  • ice gets NBA license for its basketball games in 2004 – NBA Hoops
  • A New ice Age: Innovative Concepts in Entertainment Emerges as a Global Supplier of Amusement Games
  • In 2007, ice has smash-hit game with Deal or No Deal
  • ice debuts MLB-licensed game- Major League Baseball 
  • ice: A Quarter Century And Counting
  • In 2009 ice introduces first in-house made pusher, The Price is Right 



 ice continues to build on it's product line and remains committed to becoming the most diversified "one - stop shop" in the coin operated amusement business. The company strives to continue to expand it's innovative product range through both in house development as well as strategic licensing deals with other outside designers and development companies. We recognize that customers worldwide have choices in amusement games and attractions and we thank you for your continued support our company and our product line.