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  • Game Type Play value, Video redemption
  • Assembled Dimensions 110" x 56" x 87"
    2794mm x 1423mm x 2210mm
  • Power Requirements110V @ 6 amps
    220V @ 6 amps
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight62" x 88" x 95"
    1170 lbs.
  • Available OptionsNone

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Ghostbusters Arcade game is slimy fun!

Designed for the entire family, using the proton gun’s ecto beam, 1 or 2 players lock onto and capture ghosts for a shot at the Stay Puft Bonus Round

Top 10 Movie license of all time

One of the most recognizable and sought after brands, bring the Ghostbusters Arcade to your family entertainment center and entertain kids and families for years to come

Engaging and Interactive Arcade Game

This video redemption game is a high earning and exciting amusement experience.

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