Milk Jug Toss

Milk Jug Toss

This carnival style arcade game will put you to the ultimate test!

Game Details

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Game Type

Redemption, Ball Toss, Sports

Power Requirements

110V @ 6.00 AMPS
220V @ 2.00 AMPS


642.00 lbs 291.8 kg

Master Dimensions

120.00 in X 35.00 in X 108.00 in 304.8 cm X 88.9 cm X 274.3 cm

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

Main: 96.00 in X 38.00 in X 87.00 in - 541.00 lbs 243.8 cm X 96.5 cm X 221 cm - 245.9 kg
Rear: 38.00 in X 42.00 in X 87.00 in - 354.00 lbs 96.5 cm X 106.7 cm X 221 cm - 160.9 kg

Available Options

Deluxe Marquee for 2 units


A classic carnival game.

Milk Jug Toss incorporates your ability to toss at a specific target. Players must aim for the milk jug for the big points or two levels of secondary targets for additional points. The more points you get, the more tickets you win!

The pressure’s on!

As you toss the balls into the milk jugs, a real “carnie” voice will be heckling you. How well can you react when the pressure’s on?

An arcade favorite.

Easy to learn and difficult to master, Milk Jug Toss is the perfect anchor piece for any arcade, game room or entertainment center.

Game Features

  • Attractive and bright carnival game cabinet

  • Automatic ball loading system

  • LED targets with pre-determined score values

  • Over 50 sound effects to add to the attraction