ScrewBall / Spin-O-Rama

ScrewBall / Spin-O-Rama

The fast-paced arcade game that is sure to make your head spin.


Game Type

Play Value Redemption, Quality Play Value and Amusement

Power Requirements

110V @ 5 AMPS
220V @ 2.5 AMPS


328 lbs 149.1 kg

Master Dimensions

53 in X 56 in X 83 in 134.6 cm X 142.2 cm X 210.8 cm

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

56 in X 48 in X 90 in - 521 lbs 142.2 cm X 121.9 cm X 228.6 cm - 236.8 kg

Available Options


Screwy fun for the whole family!

In this exciting, high-earning redemption game, players must use the paddle controller to spin the arms and knock 22 balls into the chamber’s 16 holes before time runs out. The more holes filled, the more you win!

High-earning redemption game.

If players can fill at least 12 holes, they move onto the Screwball bonus round to play for the Bonus Ticket amount. But hurry! If time runs out, the balls pop back into the dome.

Newest addition to your game room.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting arcade game or a family entertainment center favorite, Screwball is the perfect game to add to your game room!

Game Features

  • Paddle controller to spin the arms around

  • Acrylic dome with bright LED lighting

  • Colorful cabinet with large marquee

  • Ticket dispenser, coin slot