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The Latest Service Bulletins

Monopoly software update

There is an update to our Monopoly game which is  Version 4.4. This update to the previous version of software has added a “ticket” graphic underneath the cumulative Monopoly Money count so that players can easily identify how many tickets … Continue reading

Update your Iceball’s with minimal cost

We recently saw firsthand as four Iceball alley rollers underwent refurbishment. The units were originally built in 1998, and were in need of some sprucing up. The refurbishments enhanced the units cosmetically by adding a new target area assembly, a … Continue reading

How to Setup: Cut the Rope Merchandiser

The Cut the Rope merchandiser is now shipping and we wanted to provide operators with some information on using large prizes, or prizes that do not fit in the acrylic cubes. Below are some easy and effective ways to ensure … Continue reading

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