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<file> <name>Game Brochure</name> <url>/images/document/mighty_mini_brochure.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Merchandising 101 Booklet</name> <url>/images/document/merch_101.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Testimonial</name> <url>/images/document/mighty_mini_testimonial_02_23_06.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Recommended Merchandise from Redemption Plus</name> <url>/images/document/rinovelty%20kit.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Recommended Merchandise from Rhode Island Novelty</name> <url>/images/document/mighty.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>More Recommended Merchandise from Rhode Island Novelty</name> <url>/images/document/rinco_mightymini_rec06.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Recommended Merchandise for Mighty Mini</name> <url>/images/document/mightyminimerchandise.pdf</url> </file>
  • Game Type cranes, merchandisers
  • Assembled Dimensions36" x 33" x 48"
  • Power Requirements110V @ 1.5 amps
    220V @ 1 amp
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight38" x 43" x 53"
  • Available Options

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Dinosaur-Themed Merchandiser

Dinosaur-themed merchandiser that is ideal for super balls, beanie plush, plastic dinosaurs and many other novelty items.

Ideal for young children

Never before has a player had so much control over a merchandise game!

Attractive to all ages, Mighty Mini has a high-revenue intake.

Use a wide mix of prizes

This unit comes with a very bright cabinet color, attractive graphics as well as great sound effects. In addition, it's ideal for young children since it is only 43.5" high!

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