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<file> <name>Grab N Win Page</name> <url>/Images/document/grab_n_win/GNW 2 page.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Cut Sheet Front</name> <url>/Images/document/grab_n_win/ICE GrabNWin Cut Sheet-Back.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Cut Sheet Back</name> <url>/Images/document/grab_n_win/ICE GrabNWin Cut Sheet-Front.pdf</url> </file>
  • Game Type cranes, merchandise
  • Assembled Dimensions52" x 42" x 79"
  • Power Requirements110V @ 4 amps
    220V @ 2 amps
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight52" x 46" x 85"
  • Available Options

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Most Advanced Crane in the World!

Grab N Win is a classic amusement game that has been seen in arcades for years.

This claw game will not only put your skills to the test, but also your patience as you embark to win a prize!

 American made high quality 16 gauge steel, designed and manufactured to last!

Fully Customizable Game Play Settings

Customizable software allows the operator to fine tune their settings, and then apply those via SD card to all of the other cranes in their route.

Program your own audio!

LED’s and the 3D Curved marquee make this crane really stand out!

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