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<file> <name>Deluxe and Standard Comparison</name> <url>/Images/document/kung_fu_panda/KFP_DeluxeAndStandard.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Cut Sheet</name> <url>/Images/document/kung_fu_panda/KFP Cut Sheet.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Spec Sheet</name> <url>/Images/document/kung_fu_panda/KFP spec sheet.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>New Product Sheet IAAPA 2014</name> <url>/Images/document/kung_fu_panda/New Product sheet IAAPA 2014.pdf</url> </file>
  • Game Type play value, redemption
  • Assembled Dimensions48" x 77" x 116"
  • Power Requirements110V @ 6 amps
    220V @ 3 amps
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight80" x 48" x 94"
  • Available Options

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Highly interactive and alluring!

Can you beat Kung Fu Panda? Hit and grab the targets fast enough, and maybe you'll make it to the next scene!

ICE's new, smash game, Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo created mass PANDAmonium at the 2014 IAAPA show!

Designed for the whole family

Highly interactive and engaging, Kung Fu Panda is licensed from DreamWorks Animation, and done in tandem with Play Mechanix.

ICE's new redemption game will have you punching and slapping your way to more tickets! 

Our Newest Game

You'll want to get your hands on ICE's newest arcade redemption game (literally)!

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