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<file> <name>Product Sheet IAAPA 2014</name> <url>/Images/document/whack_n_win/New Product sheet IAAPA 2014.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Whack N Win 2014</name> <url>/Images/document/whack_n_win/WNW July 2014.pdf</url> </file> <file> <name>Skill not Strength</name> <url>/Images/document/whack_n_win/WNW Skill not Strength.pdf</url> </file>
  • Game Type new, alley, age group, redemption
  • Assembled Dimensions48" x 42.5" x 109"
    48" x 42.5" x 136"
  • Power Requirements110V @ 3 amps
    220V @ 1.5 amps
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight11': 52" X 46" X 85"
    455/362 (gross/net)
    9': 52" X 46" X 97"
    445/354 (gross/net)
    74" X 11" X 34"
    76/64 (gross/net)
  • Available OptionsDeluxe Marquee
    for 2 units

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Whimsical and Entertaining

Whack your way into the BONUS win zone by using your SKILL to hammer the sensor pad and attempt to win the Bonus!

Whack N Win is at the top of the charts!

Whack N Win is intuitive, challenging, and rewards players of all skill levels. The patented sensor pad allows for all age groups to give it a WHACK, and skill the lights into the win zone. This is a game of SKILL and not strength!

9 Foot Version Available!

Ceiling height issues? NO PROBLEM! A 9 foot version is available!

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