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  • Game Type redemption, ball toss, sports
  • Assembled Dimensions120" x 45" x 110"
  • Power Requirements110V @ 2.5 amps
    220V @ 2.5 amps
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight96" X 48" X 70"
    620/273 (gross/net)
    30" X 48" X 90"

    74" X 11" X 35"
    131/119 (gross/net)
    79" X 12" X 5"
    29/25 (gross/net) (gross/net)
  • Available OptionsDeluxe Marquee
    for 2 units

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Part of the Carnival Series!

The second installment in ICE’s “Reviving the Skill Wall” series, Down the Clown brings one of the most popular midway games right to your game room.

Interactive Family Fun

Just like walking the real carnival, Down the Clown incorporates a fun and quirky “carnie” voice that heckles, engages and encourages players of all ages.

Just like the real carnival games

Featuring a life-like carnival canopy top, real handmade carnival clowns, flashing LED’s, and optional deluxe bonus marquee that can be mounted between 2 units, Down the Clown will be enjoyed by players everywhere for years to come.

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