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  • Game Type redemption, sports
  • Assembled Dimensions35" x 26" x 72"
  • Power Requirements110V @ 3 amps
    220V @ 1.5 amps
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight35" x 26" x 75"
  • Available OptionsDeluxe Marquee
    (additional 34” high)

See it in action!

Launch 360° view

Whack That Shark!

There's no doubt that whacking games are a way of life in redemption centers, as they always seem to rise above the rest. 

There's also no doubt that Hammer Head is the most reliable and best-earning whacking game on the market.

Attractive and Affordable

An attractive piece and fun game to play, Hammer Head offers operators a game that will earn solidly for years to come - at a very affordable price. 

Perfect for all age groups, Hammer Head intrigues players to step up and hit the sharks with an eye-catching design that they just can't resist.

Fully Operator Adjustable

There's always room for a good whacking game in any redemption game center!

360° VIEW

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