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  • Game Type redemption
  • Assembled Dimensions46" x 32" x 105"
  • Power Requirements110V @ 3 amps
    220V @ 3 amps
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight53" X 45" X 84"
    421/341 (gross/net)
  • Available Options

See it in action!

Launch 360° view

Spin Me Wheel

Game play doesn't get any simpler: spin the wheel left or right and try to land on the jackpot bonus or other high value spots and win tickets.

Set Sail with ICE

The stunning cabinet design, colorful back-lit pirate and centrally placed wheel encourage game play for the entire family; players of all ages will enjoy their chances to take a spin for the pirate's bountiful treasures.

Everyone can play

Treasure Quest also offers an optional dollar bill acceptor and can easily be made card ready to accomodate all of your location's needs.

360° VIEW

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