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  • Game Type new, alley, age group, redemption
  • Assembled Dimensions78" x 36" x 72"
    (118” high w/options)
  • Power Requirements110V @ 5 amps
    220V @ 2.5 amps
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight82" x 38" x 84"
    423/335 (gross/net)
  • Available Options

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Official NBA kids hoops

Hoop Troop is an exciting and kid-friendly game that will be a staple piece for years to come.

Small soft basketballs for all hand sizes

Using the ever popular stationary basket, ideal for minimal maintenance costs, and also uses a 5 1/2" ball which is easier for younger players to hold and throw.

Durable and made to last

Using the same software package as our other popular basketball games, Hoop Troop features the 3 point hot shot during the last 10 seconds of every game making this competitive and enjoyable for families and children of all ages

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