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What a beautiful table! The new titan air hockey made its debut at the ASI show in March 2007 and received some great reviews. This table is extremely bright and colorful and has a very "sleek" look. The surface of the table is the same polycarbonate that is found on the double fast track. It's very fast with the best air flow that you will ever see on an air hockey. Other unique feature of this table is that the GOALS are extended out from the ends which allows the puck to go behind the goal just like real hockey. The overall dimensions of the table are 7 1/2 ft. L x 4 ft. W. The inside playing dimensions are 7ft. L x 3 1/2 ft. W. These tables are available now!
Dimensions: 90" x 48" x n/a"
Box Size: n/a" x n/a" x n/a"
Shipping Weight: n/a
Power: 110V @ n/a
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