Doodle Jump is now an Arcade game!

The busy summer season may be coming to an end but ICE and Raw Thrills are staying HOT, as they announce that one of the most popular iTunes apps ever made, is now a redemption game. ICE VP of Sales, Joe Coppola, eagerly described the hit game, “The Doodle Jump app has sold tens of millions of copies worldwide and the popularity is at an all time high. We felt from the beginning of development that this game had global and universal appeal across all age groups and demographics.”

Doodle Jump Arcade NOW AVAILABLE!

Doodle Jump was created by Lima Sky and has had over 15 million copies downloaded worldwide. The popularity of the app and the successful conversion for a family fun redemption game has resulted in roll outs of the coin operated game by several of the largest, most successful FEC chains in the United States including Dave & Busters.

Coppola went on to state, “Raw Thrills did an incredible job taking a mobile app and creating coin op game play that is exciting and captivating in a redemption or “just for fun” environment. We have seen those efforts, paired with the sleek cabinet that our design team put together, translate into unbelievable earnings for a single player video redemption game. We’ve also added a unique leaderboard element to this game to make it that much more competitive amongst the players. This also will add excitement to those locations that don’t have redemption, but wish to add Doodle Jump to their game offerings.”

Doodle Jump Arcade features three different themes to choose from Space, Classic & Jungle

Doodle Jump Arcade features three different themes to choose from Space, Classic & Jungle

Doodle Jump Arcade is brilliantly displayed on a vertically mounted 42” high definition monitor, accompanied by a bright vacuum-formed marquee and complemented by flashing multi-color LED’s. The game play is intuitive to all ages and players: Navigate “doodler” to the top by bouncing from the platforms to jump on various objects to accumulate points, if successful the player has an opportunity at the operator adjustable Super Bonus!

Set aside some space in your game room, and call ICE at 716 – 759 – 0370, email or call your authorized ICE Distributor. Be sure to check out ICE’s awesome array of coin operated amusement games and attractions at our NEW website, and find us on Facebook @ICECOINOP.

Doodle Jump ® is a registered trademark of Lima Sky, LLC.  All rights reserved.

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